Saturday, July 30, 2016

Polenta rounds!

Whether it's SF depends on the ingredients you put on top!

First I sliced 2 rounds of polenta that I buy in a tube.
Put then in a waffle maker or you could just fry in a non stick pan. Leave until crispy.

Today I added:
Some baby spinach that I also put in the waffle maker to wilt it a bit just for a minute.
2 tbsp Wholesome goat cheese 1sp
18 grams of prosciutto 1sp
I also added some fresh fig on top 0sp

Next time I may drizzle a tsp of honey on top which would be 1sp

You could have fun with this and change all the ingredients!
You could use sweet potato slices
Cream cheese would be awesome
Extra lean ham
Caramalized onion

So today mine were Simply Filling +2sp

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