Monday, March 3, 2014

Hot oat bran

Hot oat bran cereal on a cold day is amazing!

I cooked mine in a cup of skim milk to get some dairy in.

This is the way I make it and it never comes out lumpy.

I put 1 cup of skim milk in a small pot and added 1/3c of quaker oat bran and a bit of sweetener to taste.
Turn the burner on medium and keep stirring :) When it was almost thick enough I added a splash of vanilla extract and some chopped up banana leaving a bit of banana to put on top!
When thick pour into a bowl, add leftover banana on top and today I added a tsp of sugar free chocolate chips 1pp.

Simply Filling plus 1pp for the chocolate chips or any other add on's


Jenna Banyasz said...

I am doing SF and was wondering if oat bran it like oatmeal or if you are using the cereal. Also can you provide the brand you are using...ty

Suzanne said...

I just added a picture of it to the post :) It's Quaker oat bran hot cereal it's like cream of wheat.

Jenna Banyasz said...

Awesome great. Thanks!

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