Friday, April 29, 2016

Banana split 5sp or SF + 3sp

I decided to make this banana split for breakfast this morning :)

Banana split 5sp or SF + 3sp all depends on the ingredients you use.

1 banana cut lengthwise
Sliced strawberries either fresh or frozen and taken out of the freezer the night before and thawed in the fridge
Yogurt I used a light strawberry one
1/4c granola I used natures path hemp plus granola
Drizzle of sf ff chocolate sauce

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Strawberry banana baked French toast 4sp or simply filling!

If you have ezekiel bread in your freezer use that because it's a heartier bread and keeps it's shape and it's still 4sp or simply filling. I didn't have any left today so I used a thin bread.

Strawberry banana baked French toast 4sp or simply filling

2 slices of Ezekiel bread or thin sliced bread 4sp
2 egg whites 0sp
1/2 tbsp ff cream 0sp
1/4 tsp vanilla extract 0sp
4 strawberries sliced or chopped 0sp
1/2 medium banana sliced 0sp
sweetener to taste 0sp
1/4 tsp sugar 0sp
1/2 tbsp sf pancake syrup 0sp

mixed the egg whites, cream, vanilla and sweetener together. Set aside.
cube the bread into medium sized pieces you don't want them too small.
add the strawberries and bananas to the bread chunks.
Pour the egg white mixture over the bread and fruit and gently toss to wet all the bread cubes.
Spray a baking dish with non stick spray and pour the bread mixture into it.
Sprinkle the 1/4 tsp of sugar on top for crunch.
I baked it in my toaster oven on 350 for 20 minutes or until bread starts to brown and be crispy.
After it's cooked I drizzled 1/2 tbsp sf pancake syrup on top!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Taco salad boats 4sp

How many sp or pp or simply filling depends on what you use. I'll show you what I used.

Taco salad boats 4sp

Endive leaves larger ones work best.
Lettuce shredded finely
tomato cut into small chunks/slices
2 small olives sliced
1/4c leftover taco meat that I'd made with lean meat
jalapeno peppers if you like spicy
1/2 oz light shredded cheese
a dob of ff plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
a drizzle of taco sauce

Just separate your endive leaves and fill with the ingredients of your choice.
Easy quick lunch!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Creamy sweet pineapple chill 2sp or simply filling

Made this tonight and to me it's just as good as ice cream and a lot better for me!

Creamy sweet pineapple chill 2sp or simply filling

1/2c fat free cottage cheese

1/2c of partially frozen pineapple I have used other frozen fruit and it all works great.
(Allow to sit at room temperature just so it's about 1/2 frozen so it will blend well)

sweetener to taste.

I put all in my bullet to blend until the consistency of ice cream.


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