Sunday, November 2, 2014

Double baked potatoes with broccoli, bacon and cheese

These are simply filling + 2pp for the light cheese because we don't have fat free cheese here.

Double baked potatoes with broccoli, bacon and cheese

Large baking potato
Fat free cream
Green onion sliced thinly
Salt and pepper and garlic powder
30g light shredded cheese 2pp
Lou's peameal bacon chopped and cooked
Broccoli I just steamed some in my Weight Watchers steamer but you could use leftover

I sprayed the potato with non stick and rubbed it over the potato skin then sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. Pierced each side 4 times with a fork. Put into a 350 oven for approximately an hour or until the skin is crisp and it's cooked inside. I love doing it in the oven because it makes the skin nice and crispy.

Let cook a bit until you can handle it comfortably.

I slice mine in half across as it was a huge potato :) Carefully scoop the cooked potato out of the skin keeping the skin as intact as possible.

Put the cooked potato in a bowl. Sorry I didn't measure but I added approximately 2 Tbsp of fat free cream and 1 tsp of becel pro-active light margarine. I used my hand blender to mash it all together. I added a little sea salt/pepper/powdered garlic and 1/2 the sliced green onion.

Now add the potato mix back into the skins.

Top with the broccoli/bacon/green onion and finish with the cheese.

Put back into the oven until the cheese is melted and the potato is heated through.

1/2 would be a great lunch and the whole potato is a very filling dinner :)

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