Friday, March 13, 2015

Berry cobbler

Berry cobbler 2pp or simply filling

You could use any fruit for this but today I used frozen blueberries and frozen cherries.

Frozen fruit approximately 1/2 cup you could also use fresh fruit
1/4 cup of quick oats ground into flour
1/2c approximately of diet clear soda I used diet 7up

Spray a 1 cup ramekin or baking dish with non stick spray
put the fruit in
mix the oatmeal and sweetener I used 1 packet
put the oatmeal on top of the fruit evenly
pour the pop slowly over the oatmeal if it fizzes let it settle before pour more on
I gave a quick spray of butter flavoured pam on top

I didn't do it this time but next time I'll sprinkle a little course sugar on top :) 0pp

I baked this in a 350 toaster oven for 30 minutes

This isn't overly sweet which is why I like it.


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