Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chocolate caramel iced cappuccino 2pp

Updated! Huge chocolate caramel iced cappuccino

2pp when you use 1/2 serving of light whipped cream

1/2c very strong cold coffee
1/2c non fat milk
1.5 tbsp dry chocolate  pudding mix
2 packages of sweetener
1 tsp vanilla
a squirt of sugar free caramel syrup
1 cup of ice cubes
1/2 serving of light whipped cream

Blend everything but the whipped cream together. Pour into glass and top with whipped cream and a bit of cocoa powder.

Thanks to Kimberly B for passing this along. Here's the original recipe: http://www.skinnykitchen.com/recipes/my-remake-of-coffee-beans-fabulous-ice-blended-vanilla-drink/

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